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Somatic Experiencing, Counselling & Supervision

​All sessions £60 - online only 

07941 389175

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​​In Will Young's Wellbeing Lab Podcast we discuss what body-based therapy is, and how Peter Levine's 'Somatic  Experiencing' therapy works.




  • [00.35] What is 'Somatic' Therapy?

  • [02:40] How it works - a demo of going from Freeze to Flight 

  • [06.35] My personal journey

  • [09.00] Mind vs Body & how Avoidance prevents healing

  • [10.27] Fear of working with the body

  • [11.36] Willingness - the primary driver for transformation

  • [12.15] Summary of Techniques & Process

  • [13.49] Humour as a 'Resource' to support healing

00:00 / 15:53


​​I am a London-born trauma specialist, BACP counsellor and lecturer with over twenty years'€™ experience in therapy work.

Personal Journey


In my twenties I was disconnected from my feelings and suffered from depression, relationship blocks and unresolved grief. In essence I was emotionally stuck. After unsuccessfully trying lots of self-help methods that focused on changing thoughts, I came across approaches that enabled me to understand how emotions get trapped in the body. With the help of this bodywork I was able to process core grief and abandonment - via the body - to clear my emotional stuckness. Being more embodied means that I can now fully feel and express my feelings, and also enjoy nourishing relationships.


Professional Approach


I work mainly as a Somatic Experiencing practitioner, or as a counsellor and supervisor, using a body-centred approach (Focusing-oriented) with Psychodynamic, Person-centred, Humanistic, Transpersonal and Family Constellation techniques. This integrative approach allows me to tailor therapeutic needs to suit each individual.

Qualifications & Experience

  • Lecturer, BACP Counselling Course, East Sussex College (2019 – )

  • Somatic Experiencing Trauma Practitioner, SEP (2011)

  • BACP Accredited Counsellor & Psychotherapist (2010)

  • Focusing Teacher, BFA (2006)

  • SHEN Bodyworker, CST (2005)


  • Narcissistic & Emotional Abuse

  • Insecure Attachment

  • Trauma/PTSD

  • Sexual abuse

  • Sex/Love addiction

  • Abandonment

  • Grief

  • Anxiety & Depression

  • Boundary work

  • Racism-related PTSD

  • LGBTQ+ issues

  • Toxic Shame

  • Non-conventional Relationships


Feel free to contact me to ask any questions, arrange an initial phone call or an online appointment:

07941 389175


£60 per session (online only)



Being an integrative counsellor means I draw on multiple disciplines to help resolve issues like: depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, PTSD, abuse, relationship issues, grief, blocks to sexuality and work-related issues. I will try to help you process and clear any negative and stuck experiences so that you can feel better, with the freedom to make new life-enhancing choices.

Online sessions only. 50min. £60.

Somatic Experiencing

Somatic Experiencing (SE), is a specific approach to resolving trauma developed by Dr. Peter Levine. It  is based on the idea that traumatic experiences can lead to dysfunction in your nervous system, which can keep you from fully processing the experience. The goal of SE is to help discharge the stuck defensive energies of fight/flight/freeze and painful emotions through the body.

Online sessions only. 1hr. £60.


With teaching experience in multiple modalities, I understand the theory and practice behind a wide variety of approaches and can tailor supervision to best suit your needs as a therapist.

Integrating Psychodynamic, Person-centred, Humanistic, Bodywork, Focusing-oriented, Family Constellations and Transpersonal approaches. Specific guidance available for trauma work.

Online sessions only. 50min. £60.



​If you would like to speak to me about the work (free of charge), or would like to make an appointment please contact me:


​07941 389175

I currently work on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays & Fridays with slots between 9.15am and a 6.00pm start

​All sessions £60 - online only

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